PROJECTS > Collections: Brought, Bought and Stolen

Solo Exhibition w Jesse Levine
Spoke Gallery, Chicago IL, 2008

Collection: Brought, Bought and Stolen is an exhibit and performance I did in collaboration with musician Jesse Levine at Spoke Gallery in Chicago IL. I exhibited my personal art collection derived from art given to me as gifts, found at garage sales and thrift stores, sold on the street or art that students or peers threw away. By positioning myself as an artist and collector, I aimed to diminish the gap between buyer and maker, expose art that wasn’t intended for the gallery and challenge the traditional power dynamic between art collector and artist. Jesse Levine uses sampling in his live performances as a means to reveal different music he is influenced by and loves. His performance opening night included playing organ and keyboards over music samples from his collection. Fifty copies of a mixed C.D were also available at Spoke throughout the month. I gave tours of my art collection on the weekends.