Residency/Performance Project
Pedagogical Impulse, Toronto, On

Friday was a performance created in collaboration with highschool students as part of The Pedagogical Impulse, a series residencies curated by Stephanie Springgay. On the first day of this project, I asked students “What pop culture are you currently obsessed with?” The answers were broad and included K-Pop (Korean Pop Music), Harry Potter, Taylor Swift, Cake Decorating, Kanye West, Flash Mobs, John Meyer, and Paper Airplanes with Instructions. These obsessions became the basis for Friday, a marriage of my talk-show projects and the well-known tradition of high school talent shows. Central to Friday was the desire to re-appropriate talent shows and high school extra-curriculars and create a performance that would take place in an unexpected school space. Originally the performance was to take place on the high school field, for which the students made an up-cycled, kitsch-fabulous, installation/stage with a practice installment a week before the final performance.